Thursday 28 September

9:00 – 9:30: REGISTRATION 

Rectorate – Aula Magna – First floor



Prof. Salvatore Cuzzocrea – Rector of the University of Messina, Italy

Prof. Anatolii Mazaraki (online) – Rector, State University of Trade and Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine

Prof. PaweŇā Lula – Pro-Rector, Krakow University of Economics, Poland

Prof. Milena JakŇ°ińá – Dean of Faculty of Economics – University of Kragujevac, Serbia

Presentation of the UniMe Scientific Quadrilateral Conference (USQC) 2023

Prof. Elvira Tiziana La Rocca – University of Messina



Dott. Pio Parma – The European House – Ambrosetti

Invited Speakers

Prof. Alfonso Vargas-S√†nchez – University of Huelva, Spain

Ing. Walter Rizzi – President of Raffineria di Gela SpA (ENI) and President of RAM S.c.P.A.

11.30 – 12:00 COFFEE BREAK

12:00 – 13:15 PLENARY SESSION 


Prof. Elvira Tiziana La Rocca – University of Messina

Speakers (Delegations’ paper presentation)

Scientific cooperation between Italian and Polish universities in the field of economics, finance and management

Prof. PaweŇā Lula and Prof. Magdalena Talaga – Krakow University of Economics, Poland

Performance of Serbian banking sector in crisis conditions

Prof. Milena JakŇ°ińá, Prof. Violeta Todorovińá and Prof. Nenad Tomińá – University of Kragujevac, Serbia

Impact of Russian aggression in Ukraine on world energy markets

Prof. Anatolii Mazaraki and Prof. Anna Duginets- State University of Trade and Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine

Strolling in the metaverse. The provision of financial services in the virtual world 

Prof. Francesco Ciraolo – University of Messina


Free time

19:30: GALA DINNER – La Corte dei Mari

Friday 29 September


Department of Economics

Track: Social Transformation (Room 8 – Third floor)

Chairpersons: Prof. Patrizia Accordino – University of Messina and Prof. Violeta Domanovińá – University of Kragujevac


The innovative infrastructure of Ukrainian HEI’s in European integration process –¬†Oleh Kalinichenko

Sustainability transformations for globalizing cities –¬†Larysa Sarkisian and Alona Korohod

Model of enterprise sustainability in crisis conditions –¬†Violeta Domanovińá and Vesna Stojanovińá-Aleksińá

Dealing with unintended consequences of performance management in the public sector: solutions from adopting ‚Äėpublic service logic‚Äô¬†Guido Noto, Francesca De Domenico and Federico Cosenz

Tax administrative transparency: sustainability and human rights –¬†Patrizia Accordino

The impact of evolution of social values on the concept of competition. Public Administration action as a guarantee of equitable access to resources –¬†Stefania Caggegi and Orazio Catarsini

Financial system and sustainable development: towards a new model of finance Roberto Caratozzolo

The Relationship between Organized Crime and Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Italy –¬†Antonio Fabio Forgione and Carlo Migliardo

Track: Digital Transformation (Room 9 – Third floor)

Chairpersons: Prof. Maria Cristina Cinici – University of Messina and Prof. Vesna Stojanovińá-Aleksińá – University of Kragujevac


Artificial Intelligence in Financial Sector: Challenges, Analysis and Perspectives –¬†Marek Dziura, Andrzej Jaki and Tomasz Rojek

Digital transformation in tourism: progress from Industry 4:0 to Society 5.0 –¬†Anatolii Mazaraki, Marharyta Boiko, Myroslava Bosovska, Nadiia Vedmid and Mariia Kulyk

Digitalization of society. Opportunity or threat

Vadym Yelisieiev, Yuliia Drozdova and Serhii Bai

Competition law and economics of BigTech: DMA‚Äôs effect –¬†Nataliia Mazaraki and Anzhelika Gerasymenko

Digital Transformation: Why organizations fail?–¬†Valeria Schifilliti and Daniele Schilir√≤

Digitalization of international trade –¬†Tetiana Zubko

Human capital and digital entrepreneurial intentions: The Case of Young People Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) –¬†Walter Vesperi, Raffaella Coppolino and Anna Maria Melina

Track: Environmental Transformation (Aula Magna 2 – Second floor)

Chairpersons: Prof. Mauro Prestipino – University of Messina and Prof. Nataliia Mazaraki – State University of Trade and Economics, Kyiv


¬†Creating public value through resilient food policies –¬†Carlo Vermiglio and Giulia Favetti

The War in Ukraine and the Perspectives of the European Green Deal –¬†Taras Hurzhii, Anna Hurzhii and Daria Ivashchenko

Rights of ‚Äúfuture generations‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúburden‚ÄĚ of present generations in protecting the environment –¬†Antonina Astone

Planned obsolescence and sustainable development –¬†Maria Francesca Tommasini

Biodiversity restoration in natural protected areas –¬†Vera Bilardo

Intergovernmental and environmental movements perspectives in order to face the effects of the climate change –¬†Lidia Lo Schiavo and Raffaele Albanese

Climate Change Litigation in the European Legal Space: the Temporal Dimension –¬†Giulia Colavecchio and Helga Molb√¶k-Steensig

 11.00 Р11:30 COFFEE BREAK (Third floor)


Track: Digital Transformation (Room 8 – Third floor)

Chairpersons: Prof. Valeria Schifilliti – University of Messina and Prof. Anna Hurzhii – State University of Trade and Economics, Kyiv



Empowering Voices, Transforming Society: The Linguistic Practices of Racialized Activists on Spanish social media –¬†Davide Aliberti

Digital transformation in European democratic participation processes: the experience of the Conference on the Future of Europe –¬†Letizia Salvo

Exploiting digitalization breakthrough role to enhance the relationship between lenders and small firms  Francesco Fasano, Elvira Tiziana La Rocca and F. Javier Sanchez-Vidal

Technological innovation: the role of the EU and its advanced legislation –¬†Giacomo D‚ÄôArrigo

From NFRD to CSRD: practical implications and future research directions –¬†Daniela Rupo, Nicola Rappazzo and Alberto Caratozzolo

Challenges of digital transformation in trade: identifying the risks of cross-border e-commerce –¬†Oleg Tsilvik

Track: Environmental Transformation (Aula Magna 2 – Second floor)


Chairpersons: Prof. Alessandra Costa – University of Messina and Prof. Marek Dziura – Krakow University of Economics


Green innovation and sustainable certifications for a circular path: the case of a BCorp winery –¬†Alessandra Costa

Sustainability Matters: Enhancing ECF Campaign Success in the Fashion Industry –¬†Carlotta Bottaro, Giuseppe Lanfranchi and Chiara Marinelli

Equitable access to resources among hotels in Venice –¬†Mariapia Cutugno

Just in time arrival: an opportunity for greener maritime transportation –¬†Adele Marino

Sustainability and private law relationships –¬†Valeria Restuccia

Renewable energy communities in Italy: A critical analysis –¬†Domenica Farinella and Monica Musolino

Strengthening Social Cohesion and Environmental Awareness: The ‚ÄúEco-Cohesion Project‚ÄĚ Contribution –¬†Elena Girasella and Hakan G√ľlerce

Track: Digital Transformation (Room 9 – Third floor)

Chairpersons: Prof. Alba Marino – University of Messina and Prof. Andrzej Jaki – Krakow University of Economics


The ‚Äúdigital administration‚ÄĚ to the test of the principle of good performance: problematic profiles and food for thought –¬†Antonietta Lupo

Generative Artificial Intelligence, Creativity and Innovation Management. Exploring trends and future implicationsAntonio Crupi, Tindara Abbate, Fabrizio Cesaroni, Alessandra Costa and Veronica Marozzo

The digital divide problem in light of public administration‚Äôs digital transition –¬†Giulia Giacobbe

Human intelligence and the administrative capacity of the algorithm –¬†Pietro Ambra

Anomaly detection in ships transits with a Machine Learning algorithm trained on AIS data –¬†Emmanuele Barberi, Massimiliano Chillemi, Filippo Cucinotta, Marcello Raffaele, Fabio Salmeri and Felice Sfravara

Track: Environmental Transformation (Room 7 – Third floor)

Chairpersons: Prof. Veronica Marozzo – University of Messina and Prof. Tomasz Rojek – Krakow University of Economics


Mining Industry and Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenges and New Opportunities –¬†Giovanna Centorrino

Towards a strengthening of the environmental access: new perspectives for an institute from the unexpressed potentialities –¬†Salvatore Amato and Bruna Pellican√≤

Green transition in the wine sector: eco-packaging and eco-labels as tools to promote sustainable objectives –¬†Veronica Marozzo

Public services and sustainable development between public contracts and in-house providing  Laura Pergolizzi

Ecology and sustainability in the pontifical magisterium Marta Tigano

The fight against climate change: the regulatory framework and the role of civil society –¬†Alberto Jaci


Aula Magna 2 – Second floor


Prof. Alfonso Vargas-Sànchez РUniversity of Huelva, Spain

14:00 – 15:00: LUNCH BREAK

16:00: Guided Tour of the Museum of Messina for delegates and invited speakers