Prof. Luigi Mondello in the ranking of the most influential scientists worldwide

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The October 2017 issue of “The Analytical Scientist” reports the list of the “Magnificent Tens”, i.e. the 10 most influential names, worldwide, in the field of separation science. Since 2013, the prestigious independent scientific journal, with a circulation of 57,000 printed copies and over 70,000 digital copies per month, has brought together a jury of qualified experts every year to select the scholars who, with their research in various scientific sectors, have substantially contributed to the well-being of the ‘humanity. Luigi Mondello, full professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Sciences of the University of Messina, is the only Italian in the ranking, together with three Europeans (Belgium and the Netherlands) and six Americans. The commission recognized the Messina scholar for his pioneering contribution to the development of multidimensional techniques for the identification of unknown molecules. A consolidated goal since the first edition of 2013, which places the University of Messina on a par with prestigious universities and research institutes of international importance. Website