TASIA Award 2015

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Tasia Award 2015

A powerful unified separation-science tool Produced through collaboration between Shimadzu, Chromaleont, and the University of Messina. 

The 5D Ultra-e is a unified system that combines comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatograph and triple quadrupole mass spectrometer/flame ionization detector with an HPLC system connected online. The instrument can be used in seven different combinations ranging from one-dimensional HPLC with a photodiode array detector to on-line LC×GC×GCQqQ MS/FID. In the latter configuration, it is possible to set different LC, PTV, GC×GC, and QqQ MS conditions during the same run. The online HPLC system enhances the power of comprehensive GC×GC analysis and simultaneously improves productivity by increasing automation. Furthermore, GC×GC system combined with an ultra fast triple quadrupole mass spectrometer allows both untargeted analysis as well as targeted analysis of components in complex samples. The 5D Ultra-e was developed with the principal involvement of Luigi Mondello (University of Messina) and Mariosimone Zoccali (Chromaleont). Potential impact The on-line nature of the system, compared to off-line approaches (e.g., LC//GC×GC, solid-phase extraction//GC×GC), reduces the risks of sample contamination, improves run-to-run precision, and enables the setting of batch-type applications, increasing laboratory productivity. The system can be used in a variety of configurations, depending on the specific analytical requirements. Practically all of the requirements of any GC-based application can be covered along the line of the possible operational modes. What the judges say: “Many food and life-science samples are extremely complex and no single chromatographic method can separate them. Two  dimensional methods have their limitations, but this system allows easy access to an even higher dimensional study of the sample: three chromatography dimensions and one MS step.” [:]